Tuesday, November 21, 2006

U-rah-rah -- Bleh

Over at my favorite political messageboard, Democratic Underground, I occasionally see posts for some candidate or potential candidate that does little more than cheerlead. Clark's the one! We need Gore! Hillary's right! (she certainly is, but I digress).

I've been toying with the idea of starting a thread over there with the heading "Kerry's the one! Woo hoo!" with the body of the message starting out "Annoying, isn't it" followed by a pledge not to do this with my chosen candidate.

I do find them quite annoying. Tell me what your candidate is doing. Post a speech he's made. Let's have a policy discussion. But for frick's sake, don't just stand there with pompoms in your hands. I do hate the "hard sell." Don't you?

Monday, November 13, 2006

A knife and a fork and a bib with a donkey on it

Don't let this happen to you.

I pledge that as we enter this highly partisan time of primaries and lining up behind potential candidates, that although I may express disagreement or displeasure at various candidates that are not mine, I will not bash. I will attempt, though I'm sure I will not always succeed, to consider thoughtfully each candidate and their words, and treat them fairly. I will not name-call. I will not distort. I will not slant their words. I will strive to keep what they say in context.

God forbid we should give ammo to the other side like we did in 2004. I don't want the Republicans being able to pick up the primary playbook and use it to defeat the man or woman we ultimately choose to represent us in 2008.

I will not eat my own. I will dine on tasty elephant instead.

Will you take that pledge with me

Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm sort of glad I said no to the DCCC

When they called a few weeks ago, I'd already given to the Friends of John Kerry, so I said no. They seemed sort of miffed when I gave them my reason. But hey, I'm not rich. And finding out today that James Carville is grousing that we won in spite of Dean instead of because of Dean just leaves me cold.

If people like Schumer or Rahm Emanuel, who apparently can't stand Dean, knew how to win before now, then why didn't they do it? Would we have been competitive in Virgina or Montana without Dean's 50-State strategy?

We won 10 more seats than the powers that be were predicting we'd win, and Carville is upset because we didn't win MORE?! Saying that when a tsunami like this hits the country it doesn't matter who's DNC Chairman?

I can't help but think he's trying to grab credit for himself and his buddies in preparation for a Clinton run at the White House.

And to suggest that Harold Ford replace Dean just makes no sense to me. I'm frankly not impressed with the guy, esp. when he joined the Republicans in slamming John Kerry. To me, the Dems who joined in on that smear were either damned dumb, or too politically calculating for my tastes.

But anyway, I stand with Governor Dean. And I'm glad I didn't give money to the DCCC. If the New Dems can't respect the netroots, and learn to work and play better with the rest of the party, they can kiss my shiny metal butt.