Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hi honey, I'm home

Ya miss me?


The 2004 election took more out of me than I realized. Here I am at midterm elections. The first election season after the heartbreaking defeat. I was all set to get involved. I found out where the Dem HQ was in town and their hours of operation. I thought to myself, "This'll be great. I'll pop in when I have an hour to spare just like I used to do at Kerry... headquarters."

Suddenly I had a knot in my stomach. And as the weeks went on, I found myself avoiding politics. I didn't even go to my normal Dem messageboards. Nothin'.

My escape for a while there was to get REALLY into Project Runway. Well, that's show's done now. So my distraction is gone. So FINALLY I'm starting to lit drop and such. And I'll go down to Dem HQ the day before the election for some good ol' GOTV action. Just like I did at Kerry HQ.

It's not easy getting over a broken heart.