Thursday, November 10, 2005

Withdrawal from Iraq: Party Lines are Crumbling

I found this article to be quite amusing. The main jist is that both sides of the political aisle are divided on the issue of Ira, but not in way that people would necessarily expect.. Some of the Republicans are getting skittish as they look at the 2006 elections, the growing anti-war sentiments, while at the same time faced with a White House that, as McCain illustrated today, still says that they will do "whatever it takes" She mentions McCain, actually, and seems surprised that the "darling of the moderates" is the hawk on this issue, while an arch-Conservative like Brownback is actually more of a dove.

Um, Arianna? You should have asked us over at Democratic Underground. WE'RE not surprised. He's not a moderate maverick, esp on this issue. He's a shmuck who wants to be president.

Meanwhile, on the other side, you have Kerry and Feingold on one side, and Clinton and Reid on the other. Her main beef with the latter two seems to be that they are critical of the Prez without having any plan of their own.

Arianna comments that Clinton has essentially positioned herself to the right of Brownback (yikes) on the subject of Iraq. Brownback told Wolf Blitzer a couple of weeks ago: "You've got the potential for us starting to pull troops out in the first half of next year."

On the other hand, a Hillary supporter reported after speaking to her at a fundraiser: "Hillary basically said that since the White House is going to end up pulling troops out anyway before the election, Democrats can just stand by and let it happen without going out on a limb. She thinks that anyone one who lays out a plan is going to be immediately shot down. Better to just keep hammering the president for not having a plan of his own."

She'd like to see Reid do on the subject of Iraq planning what he did on the subject of the investigation into Iraq intelligence: ie, show that kind of leadership.

I also appreciated that Arianna picks up on the one really strong statement in Kerry's email from yesterday, and that Kerry sees Iraq as a major issue for winning back Congress in 2006. "If [Bush] fails to act," he wrote in an email to supporters this week, "we'll demand that Congress takes the decision out of his hands. And, if the Republican Congress fails to call the Bush administration to account, we will use the 2006 elections to take the decision out of their hands."

I mean, holy guacamole!

More on my favorite Senator if I get a chance. He's been quite the busy boy in the last couple of days. I'm so proud.


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