Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gee, the Globe finally had a Kerry story

Well, blurb anyway. I swear the best stuff comes out of the Herald. If only there wasn't so much snark included. But anyway, from today's Globe
"Around town: Being a presidential also-ran has its privileges. John Kerry, who went backstage after U2's recent show in Boston, walked into Cambridge Music the other day with a sweet guitar given to him by Bono. He needed to get the custom ax appraised because pols need to report the value of all gifts. The Gretsch ''Bono Irish Falcon" lists for $4,500. Before leaving, Kerry paid $600 for a Coupe tube amplifier and bought a book, ''Essential Licks for Guitars," a DVD, ''Beginning Rock Guitar: Lead and Rhythm," assorted picks, and three sets of strings. . . ."
Kewl. I too play guitar, except I've been concentrating on folk style, fingerpicking and such. Can't quite picture myself going playing power chords. Lately, my lessons have centered around Arlo Guthrie. Kind of appropriate for the time, my teacher and I have been working on "Alice's Restaurant" (which I will need if there is ever a draft) and "City of New Orleans". Only my guitar is a Gremlin, and cost me all of $100 bucks new.

Speaking of which, I hope those folks are doing alright. Our local evacuees are getting kicked out of the State Fair dorms pretty soon. Hopefully they will all be able to find shelter and jobs and such. I suppose they couldn't stay there forever, but it must be such a shock. Not to mention it's cold as hell up here in the winter. They won't be used to that.


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