Thursday, October 13, 2005

This is my dad

Daddy was a sailor. Sometimes I swear like a sailor, and blame it on him.

This is mom. Mom used to say things like "son of a biscuit eater" and "shaving cream" in a vain attempt to not swear in front of us kids. It didn't work. I still swear like my father. Sorry ma.

She was from Wisconsin, he was from Virginia. He liked it better in Wisconsin. She liked it better in Virginia. After a couple of rounds of family ping pong, dad won. I was always the new kid therefore. Might explain my somewhat warped outlook.

They were Democrats. Conservative, somewhat hawkish, but Democrats nonetheless. Mom was so excited and hopeful when Bill Clinton was elected. She didn't live to see the end of his term however. It was a shock, as her side of the family had always been so long lived. But there you have it.

This is me.

The answer was no, btw.

Yes, I'm a Christian. I am also a Democrat. A liberal one. Well, at least here in Wisconsin I'm considered a liberal. On such blogs as Democratic Underground, I am moderate. To some of my neighbors, I am a commie socialist. Depends on who's lookin' apparently.

Until last year, I was only vaguely a Democrat, probably because my parents were. I was a sheeple, blissfully unaware. I haddn't taken the red pill yet (or was it blue). I kinda miss the Matrix sometimes. It was nice in there. The real world makes me cry.

You can thank George Walker Bush for my wakeup call. That and finding a story about Guantanamo in which I realized that our government had no intention of granting these folks due process. Due process, I had thought, was what a civilized people did because it was right, not something we grant ourselves as Americans because we thought we were cute.

Up to that point in the election process, I'd been a vague Clarkie. Hence the name, Little Clarkie. John Kerry was someone I thought had the personality of styrofoam. Our glorious leader drove me into his arms, and I set out to find out more about him, the better to campaign, dontcha know. I don't believe in "Dole-ing" a candidate. You campaign FOR, not AGAINST.

I somewhat overshot the mark. I only intended to make myself a good campaigner for Kerry. I ended up making myself into something that can best be described as a "Kerry Krishna." He might be a dork, but he's MY damn dork. And with all that ping ponging around, I know what it feels like to be shy and not quite fit in. So I think I kinda relate.

Plus he was a sailor like dad. I lost dad last year, just before I got involved in the campaign. So, psychologically speaking, I guess you could probably say I also transferred some emotion from dad to Kerry. The Smear Vets were probably responsible for that little maneuver. Suddenly little hippy me was defending the Navy and veterans in general. I'm actually not as much of a hippy as I used to think I would be if I ever got involved in politics. A bit too moderate, am I.

Nevertheless, I am still largely a newbie to politics. The one thing I know really, really well is John Kerry. And so I am a supporter, to 2008 if need be. There is too much experience there to waste.

Whatever else I know I've gleaned from the New York Times and by swallowing red meat til it's coming out my ears. I'm trying to chew a bit more now, and ask more questions. Last year, during the campaign, I didn't have time for that. It was a time of action, not reflection. Now, I have time.


Blogger Rachael said...

Terrific blog, LC... keep on Kerrying on!


9:35 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

Thanks dear. I like yours as well. Nice layout and such.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God JFK(!) got his butt kicked in '04. BHO's got 18 months left, then we'll have the WH and both houses of Congress. Of course, Ginsburg and Breyer will retire soon thereafter, and we'll have the Court, too. No more socialists.

You do know that your democrat parents would spit on today's socialis democrat party, don't you?

12:26 PM  

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